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New opportunity to accelerate innovative technologies

Learn more about the BioVentures Development Award program, a new funding mechanism designed to accelerate the pace of development of highly innovative technologies and entrepreneurship activity.

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ARHVA's Funding Opportunity

AR Health Ventures Accelerator (ARHVA) is seeking innovative proposals for therapeutic development. The program aims to accelerate scientific discoveries into practical therapies, bridging the gap between research and commercialization. Open to all UAMS employees. Deadline: September 29, 2023.

Recent technology:

Compositions for and methods of treating and preventing targeting tumor associated carbohydrate antigens

Compositions useful to induce anti-TACA immune response and kits comprising the same and methods of using the compositions to treat and prevent cancer are disclosed. Isolated human antibodies which bind to a carbohydrate mimetic peptide and methods of making the same and using the same to treat and prevent cancer are disclosed. Isolated human NK cells useful to kill tumor cells, and isolated human dendritic cells, and methods of making the same and using the same to treat and prevent cancer are disclosed.

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Small molecule parg inhibitors and methods of use thereof

“The present disclosure provides methods of inhibiting PARG in cancer cells, including methods comprising administering a PARG inhibitor that modulates position Tyr795 in PARG. Also provided herein are methods of treating and/or preventing cancer comprising administering a PARG inhibitor. In some embodiments, the PARG inhibitors are of the formula: wherein the variables are defined herein.

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BioVentures was established as a formal outgrowth of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences‘ (UAMS) interest in promoting a biomedical technology industry for Arkansas and translating its research into products that benefit human health.

UAMS established BioVentures to maximize global, industrial interaction with the University of Arkansas faculty, as well as to facilitate technology transfer, the development of startup companies that are based on technology developed at UAMS, and contributions to Arkansas’ economic development.

BioVentures links the research minds at UAMS to global markets in order to advance Arkansas’ scientific and economic development.

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