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Apparatus, system, and method of processing biopsy specimens

A biopsy processing system designed to prevent lodging and possible loss of the tissue specimen for analysis. The system includes a biopsy container having a longitudinal wall forming an internal compartment, a biopsy bag attached to an inner surface of the container, a cassette for receiving the biopsy bag, and an automated system for removing the biopsy bag from the biopsy container and placing the biopsy bag in the cassette.

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Apparatus, system, and method of processing biopsy specimen

A biopsy pipette with a filter attached in an internal compartment of a pipette designed to prevent lodging and possible loss of the tissue specimen for analysis. A biopsy test tube may be provided with a biopsy bag attached in the internal compartment of the test tube. Further, a biopsy cassette may be provided with an opening configured to receive a pipette. An automated and non-automated system and method of using the biopsy pipette, biopsy test tube, and biopsy cassette in the processing of biopsy specimen is also disclosed.

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Modulation of the activity of an interleukin 17 receptor-related protein, EVI27, and uses thereof

The present invention describes the cloning and molecular and cellular characterization of a novel protein with homology to the IL-17 receptor. The gene was cloned by virtue of its proximity to a common site of retroviral integration in a murine acute myeloid leukemia. The gene described herein possibly codes for a novel interleukin receptor that binds an as yet unidentified cytokine ligand, and may be useful in cancer diagnostics and therapies that rely on immune system modulation.

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BioVentures was established as a formal outgrowth of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences‘ (UAMS) interest in promoting a biomedical technology industry for Arkansas and translating its research into products that benefit human health.

UAMS established BioVentures to maximize global, industrial interaction with the University of Arkansas faculty, as well as to facilitate technology transfer, the development of startup companies that are based on technology developed at UAMS, and contributions to Arkansas’ economic development.

BioVentures links the research minds at UAMS to global markets in order to advance Arkansas’ scientific and economic development.

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