Auscultation Device that Attaches to a Smart Device

Mechanical device that attaches an auscultation device to a smart device such as a smartphone.


The present invention is a mechanical device that attaches an auscultation device to a smart device such as a smartphone.


• Mechanical
• Utilizes electronics provided through smartphone
• Useful for telehealth
• Extremely economical


Auscultation devices are commonly used in traditional healthcare settings by physicians and nurses. In a telehealth setting, it is not presently feasible for a healthcare professional to easily observe auscultatory sounds. The present invention provides a simple, mechanical attachment that allows anyone to attach an auscultation device to a smart device and utilize the smart device’s recording and transmitting abilities.


This invention is a mechanical attachment device that places a bell or diaphragm in communication with the microphone of a smart device. The smart device can receive auscultatory sounds transmitted through the bell or diaphragm. These sounds can be amplified through the smart device’s speaker, recorded or transmitted to a third party. The attachment device, bell and diaphragm can be manufactured in a surprisingly economical manner. Therefore, it can be distributed to patients who may live far from medical services and used by them to record or transmit auscultatory sounds in a telehealth setting.


Prototype built and tested.


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