Author: Bioventures Team

Indole compounds for use in treating inflammation and cancer

Provided herein are compounds, comprising Formula (I) or Formula (II), and their pharmaceutically acceptable salts. Also provided are pharmaceutical compositions comprising a pharmaceutically acceptable excipient and at least one compound of Formula (I) and (II), singly or in combination with other pharmaceutically active ingredients, such as anti-inflammatory agents or anticancer agents.

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Pneumatic Tocodynamometer

A pneumatic tocodynamometer having a guard-ring with a thin elastic membrane stretched across a shallow spherical depression trapping a small volume of air in the center of the guard-ring.

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Gene expression profiling based identification of CKS1B as a potential therapeutic target in multiple myeloma

The present invention used gene expression profiling in large uniformly treated population of patients with myeloma to identify genes associated with poor prognosis. It also demonstrated that over-expression of CKS1B gene, mainly due to gene amplification that was determined by Fluorescent in-situ hybridization to impart a poor prognosis in multiple myleoma.

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