Investment Opportunities for Researchers in Industry

Discover the exciting investment opportunities below, offered by leading life science companies:

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Collaborations

The director of Academic Alliances at GSK is willing to evaluate researchers and their departments for collaboration in their specific areas of interest. They are willing to put dollars behind people and expect collaboration. GSK can even offer their clinical services.

Net result:

GSK will typically provide $1-4M and ask for exclusivity/options on a pre-negotiated basis!

If an Opportunity exists, BioVentures can bridge discussions with the GSK team!

Medtronic Investment Opportunities

The business development team evaluates the opportunity according to the surgical area. The respective team will review the opportunity presented in a one-page executive briefing. After vetting, they bring in the “New Venture Development” arm.

They expect the researcher to form a spin-out company and continue the ongoing work through investment dollars.

The Medtronic BD team expects a one-pager to encompass the following: 

  1. Some level of proof-of-concept (Animal / Cadaver data)
  2. Intellectual Property at least submitted.
  3. Competitive assessment (SWOT) against existing technologies / surgical procedures.

Net Result:

Medtronic can invest in startups anywhere between $500K and $5M.

Pathway to Cures

Pathway-to-Cures is the venture arm of the National Hemophilia Foundation. Pathway-to-Cures invests in blood disorders and oncology; however, they will examine other therapeutic areas.

Net Result:

As a non-profit, they are willing to invest $100K to assist a researcher in establishing proof-of-concept; as a university spinout company, they are ready to invest between $500K and $1,000,000.

J&J Innovations

Investments across pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and consumer healthcare

  • New company creation
  • Seed-level startups
  • Series A and beyond

Partner with Bio Ventures to access J&J Innovations funding and explore investment opportunities in a wide range of

healthcare sectors.

If you are a researcher interested in pursuing collaborations with industry partners or seeking funding opportunities, BioVentures is here to help. Our team of experts can provide guidance and connect you with the right people at these companies. It is important to carefully evaluate any potential partnerships or funding opportunities and ensure they align with your research goals and values.

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