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Invention Disclosure

Start the Process

Initiating the invention disclosure process is simple and straightforward. Just log in to Wellspring Sophia using your UAMS credentials, and locate the “Disclosure Questionnaire” in the menu on your right. Fill out the form with the essential information about your invention to kick-start the process and take the first step towards transforming your idea into a valuable asset.

What's Next

BioVentures' Pathway to Patents

Discover the journey from your invention disclosure to a secured patent with Bioventures’ step-by-step process. Explore the detailed timeline below to understand the essential milestones and what to expect throughout the pathway to patents or click here to learn more about the process. 

Step 1
Invention Disclosure

Fill out the invention disclosure questionnaire to provide information about your invention, including funding sources and contact information.

Step 2
Technology Assessment Report

Our team will create a Technology Assessment Report (TAR) summarizing your invention, closely related inventions, and market analysis, and you will need to work with us to accurately represent your technology in this report.

Step 3
Technology Assessment Deck

We will create a slide deck to present the technology assessment report, allowing us to send the information to individuals in the industry to help us assess the technology.

Step 4
Patent and Copyright Committee Presentation

The Bioventures team will present the technology to the Patent and Copyright Committee, and the inventor will meet with one of our team members to get ready for the presentation.

Step 6

After the Patent and Copyright Committee meet, there are three possible outcomes: return rights to the inventor, retain rights and encourage further development, or fill a provisional patent application with the help of an attorney.



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How do I submit an invention disclosure?

To submit an invention disclosure, log in to Wellspring using your UAMS credentials. Locate the “Disclosure Questionnaire” in the menu on your right, fill out the form with the essential information about your invention, and submit it to start the process.

What is an invention disclosure?

An invention disclosure is a detailed and confidential document that describes your invention and any relevant supporting information. It initiates the process of patent evaluation, protection, and potential commercialization by the technology transfer office.

Why is submitting an invention disclosure important?

Submitting an invention disclosure is crucial for protecting your intellectual property rights, assessing the invention’s patentability, and exploring potential commercialization opportunities. It enables the technology transfer office to evaluate and support the development of your innovative ideas.

How does BioVentures support inventors during the patent process?

BioVentures provides guidance and resources to help inventors navigate the patent process. They assist with patentability assessments, patent application preparation, prosecution, and maintenance. Additionally, they facilitate access to funding opportunities, workshops, and webinars related to intellectual property, patents, and commercialization.